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"To be able to exist freely and safely, is my biggest dreams for all living kind."

- Shane

Trans-masculine Arts Educator Inspiring Change

Shane Capri Chin is a multi-talented individual with a diverse background spanning the Performing Arts, Education, Events, and Marketing. Having lived in various cities, Shane's life journey has shaped his unique perspective and adaptability.

With a professional foundation in the Performing Arts and Media, Shane has amassed 19 years of experience in the Arts and 21 years in Events. He is also a passionate Arts Educator/Mentor for 12 years now. In 2017, he made a significant impact by co-producing and creatively directing Malaysia's first large-scale immersive experimental theatre show titled "Duality;"under The VSC Project. This groundbreaking production fearlessly tackled gender issues, mental health, LGBTQ+ topics, and human connection, kickstarting a new genre of theatre in Malaysia.

Recognized for his artistic contributions, Shane was invited to perform at the prestigious annual Georgetown Arts Festival, and was invited by Paris-based dancer, Ismaera, to collaborate and bring a world of movement to a Malaysian audience. Additionally, his educational career spans over a decade, teaching literature, English, theatre, and media studies. Guided by the philosophy of truth, Shane empowers his students to find their authentic voices and navigate life's complexities.

Academically, Shane holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Contemporary Arts, majoring in theatre and minoring in analog black and white photography. He has also acquired a certification in nutrition and sports exercise. Currently, Shane is pursuing software engineering, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and expanding his skill set.

Living life from a trans perspective and being a physical theatre actor and creator, Shane possesses an innate adaptability that permeates all aspects of his life. This adaptability aids in understanding and guiding others by asking the right questions, enabling them to find their own solutions and insights.

Shane's 24 years of lived experience as a trans individual, combined with being one of the few openly out individuals during his formative years, lend weight and insight to his work and life stories. His unique perspective resonates with young trans individuals struggling with identity, sexual orientation, and navigating various aspects of life, including workspaces, family dynamics, and friendships.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Shane's hobbies and interests encompass a wide range of activities. He has a passion for extreme sports, weightlifting, health and fitness, understanding the body's biomechanics, movement, music, woodworking, filmmaking, and immersing himself in nature. Known for his truthful conversations, Shane's authenticity shines through, creating meaningful connections with friends and acquaintances.

Shane Capri Chin is a walking embodiment of the card game "We're Not Really Strangers," effortlessly navigating conversations with depth, honesty, and genuine connection.

Harness your truth

With a focus on the importance of Arts Education, DEI training and course in Trans and LBGTQ+ issues, Shane has got you covered.  

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